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There are great conditions for anglers at Hanstholm Camping.
Every year, more than 5000 anglers choose to stay in specially furnished cottages on the campsite, and thus, the site has become the gathering point for anglers in Thy.
The new 300 square metre filleting house is a great setting for spending time together when you come back from the trip to The Yellow Reef and it is time to clean the fish. In the house, there are also 16 large freezers with good freezing capacity for fast-freezing of the catch.
We would be happy to help you book a place on the fishing cutters.
In the mini-market, you will find the anglers’ own shop, which has all the right equipment, from spinners to pirns and from lines to fish landing nets – and at the right prices. Here, you will also find everything for your lunch pack as well as beer, wine, water, chocolate and freshly baked bread.
We would also be happy to help you book a place on the cutters that sail to The Yellow Reef.
Links to the cutters to The Yellow Reef:
"Yellow Reef"
"North sea Fishing"
Download the guide for anglers ”Angelguide Thy ” here 
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