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The weather at Hanstholm Camping is not only very different from what the average weather is like in Denmark, but also from what the weather can be like quite close to the site.
In Denmark, the average precipitation in a year is 700 millimetres, but at Hanstholm Camping, the average is only about half of that. Especially during the summer, the precipitation is much lower than the country average. 
During the month from May to August, the precipitation is approx. 50-65% less than the country average and the number of sunshine hours is correspondingly higher.
During the summer, we have days where the sun shines from morning to evening, while it is cloudy only 2-3 kilometres from here, and it rains a large part of the day further into the country! The explanation is a combination of our position with regard to the prevalent wind direction, where the wind typically comes from the ocean across the flat dune landscape between Hanstholm and Klitmøller, the high location and the fact that we are sheltered ”a bit down the hill” on Hanstholmen, as well as the fact that the air dries out after passing the Norwegian mountains.
By clicking on the link ”Precipitation figures”, you can see the current precipitation figures from day to day. Try to compare with how the weather was the same day where you live!
During the spring, we have a special phenomenon called ”sea fog”. On an otherwise mild and beautiful day, where the sun shines from an unclouded sky, you can suddenly feel the temperature drop 4-6 degrees in a very short time. The sun becomes blurred and you see the “sea fog” as a thin layer of fog in the treetops. The sea fog only exists at the coast. Only 1-2 kilometres into the country, it has evaporated and the sun shines from an unclouded sky.
Hanstholm Camping is nicely sheltered ”behind the hill”. On a day where there is a strong wind from south-west in Hanstholm, we only have a light breeze.
Our beach stretches from east to west, which means that it is not the west coast, but the “north coast”. Therefore, we mainly have off-shore wind on our beach. Only in case of northerly wind, the wind will blow directly in from the sea.

Sunrise, lenght of day, click at map over Hanstholm and get details


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