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Swimming pool & Surfing Hill



The nature around Hanstholm Camping is a conservation area.
From the top of the slope, you can see heathered dunes stretching towards the ocean, as far as the eye can see. Here, you will find abundant flora and fauna.
Several rare herbs have survived here, as the only place in the world. And if you like mushrooms, you do not have to look long to find king boletes, chanterelles or other edible mushrooms.
In the early hours of the morning, you can experience the red deer leaving their sleeping places in outer areas of the campsite.
The light in Hanstholm is quite special. The colourful and sometimes dramatic sunrises and sunsets above the sea have been – and are still – a great inspiration to many painters.
The beach at the foot of the slope is another story in itself. Here, you will find Denmark’s only fossilised coral reef, and with an only slightly trained eye, you will quickly find a fossil or a piece of amber.
Recently, the largest piece of amber ever found in Denmark was found here. It weighs 4.2 kg. © 1/2010 made by Hanstholm Camping