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Dear model plane flyer.
Hanstholm Camping is ideal for flying with model planes. The campsite is internationally known for its great wind conditions and it is very popular among model plane pilots. We would like to protect our good reputation, and therefore, we have set up some simple rules to avoid accidents. You are solely responsible for the occurrences and accidents caused by your model plane.
1. Never turn on your transmitter in the tent or caravan. You do not know who else is using the same frequency on the slope.
2. When you fly, ask the other pilots on the slope which frequency they are using.
3. When there is a frequency board, use it.
4. Keep a safe distance to any bystanders and always shout ”Landing” before you land, to warn other pilots and bystanders.
5. Under no circumstances may you ever fly over the actual campsite.
6. Leave the slope in the same condition that you would like to find it. Take trash, bottles, cigarette stumps etc. with you back to the trash bins on the campsite. Be aware of the significant fire hazard of the heather.
7. All pilots must have international insurance. Without this kind of insurance, you are not allowed to fly on the slope.
We hope you will have a great time during your stay, and we thank you for paying attention to the rules mentioned above.
 See film from modelplanes flying at Hanstholm Camping: Click here
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